Platform updates

Recent updates and improvements to our platform and service

Beta v1.5.0 Luna
  • Segmentation based on self registered variables ( custom variables 1 to 5 ) has been added.
    Note! When sending a new message the custom variables are sorted by occurrence from high to low and are limited to a maximum of 100.

    The new segmentation is available:
    • When sending a new message
    • In the message view page
    • Within the bulk sending API
    • Within the delivery system

    The previous functionality of the custom variables is still available and has not been changed. You can still use {custom1}, {custom2} to {custom5} within your messages titles and bodies as needed.

Beta v1.4.3 Luna
  • The language segmentation has been added to our bulk sending API as well.

Beta v1.4.2 Luna
  • New segmentation was added for messages sent from within the platform. Language targeting.
    Note! The API does not support the language targeting yet, and will be added in a future update.
  • New tracking feature added for sent notificaitons!
    You can now see exactly how many of your subscribers have seen the notification you sent.
    • In the "Sent messages" section a new field called "Seen" has been added which contains this new tracking feature.
    • When viewing a sent message you can also see how many of your subscribers actually saw the notification.

Beta v1.4.1 Luna
  • New functionalities have been added to the implementation code. You can now customize the following:
    • The overlay implementation style's title
    • The overlay implementation style's allow button text
    • The overlay implementation style's reject button text
    • The flying implementation style's allow button text
    • The flying implementation style's reject button text
  • When generating the implementation code the unused variables are hidden for the flying implementation style and the balloon implementation style.
  • The overlay implementation style has been redesigned so that it's call to action is more appealing.

Beta v1.4.0 Luna
  • The members' account dashboard has received a major overhaul:
    • Accessibility of information has been improved
    • Added current day reports for the advertising and monetization features
    • General reports regarding push notifications
  • The implementation code has been improved:
    • The "Overlay" version now has increased visibility of the message.
    • The "Balloon" version now displays a message on mouseover.

Beta v1.3.1
  • The DigitalPUSH Wordpress plugin has been added. Wordpress users can now add our implementation code to all their pages with a few clicks as well as notify their subscriber bases whenever they publish a new post.

Beta v1.3.0
  • Detailed revenue reports have been added under the Websites section.
  • The press section has been added. This section contains helpful articles as well as the platform updates information.

Beta v1.2.1b
  • Various improvements were made to the serving library to improve deliverability and remove any hindering of the page loading time. The entire serving is now made asynchronous.

Beta v1.2.1
  • For ease of use, the "advanced implementation" has been included within the default implementation code. The "advanced implementation" will continue to function indefinitely, therefor if you already added it to your pages, you don't have to change anything.

Beta v1.2.0
  • Added a new implementation code for self-hosted service workers. The new implementation allows you to skip the initial message and jump directly to the permission request. The self-hosted service worker implementation also allows members to display notifications directly from their website instead of using the extension. To start using it, go to your Websites -> Get code.

Beta v1.1.3b
  • Added a "direct link" as requested by some of our members. To fetch it, got to Websites -> Get code -> the direct link is located below the implementation code

Beta v1.1.3
  • Improved the style of the message displayed within the page after implementing the code.
  • Members can now chose between 3 different styles for the permission request :
    • Overlay - a transparent dark grey overlay containing the request permission message
    • Flying box - a flying message containing the request permission message
    • Balloon - a small icon in the bottom right corner of the page. No message is displayed.

Beta v1.1.2
  • The downline system has been added.
  • We improved the push delivery algorithm by allowing concurrent connections when distributing the notifications.
  • The push notifications will now be sent with "requireInteraction" property set as "true".
    Read more here :
  • Ad serving and delivery has been improved.