The goal is for users to look forward to your push messages. Upon opening a message, the user should have a fresh and entertaining experience with rich media such as videos, surveys, and pictures related to the content of the message. They should feel motivated and exciting to take action and engage with your offering.

Create Urgency

Urgency matters a lot when it comes to the web push notifications, Why? Because push notifications require an instant response and creating urgency with your offer will force people to take immediate action.

Example: "It's Now or Never! This is your one time offer to claim 50% discount on all shoes"

Strong Creatives

Whenever possible add custom icons or large images to your push notifications. Large images are a fantastic way to make your push notification stand out from all the others. Get creative with your designs, humans are visual creatures. Also, consider the clever use of emoji. Nothing as boring as stock icons and images.


Personalization works. When people receive a personalized message, they feel that it's created just for them. Personalized notifications lead to higher conversion rates. You can use segmentation to help you achieve better personalization.

For this, make use of our custom variables as explained in the documentation section.

Clear Call To Action

Compelling copy and enticing call-to-actions will further boost the success of your web push messages. You don't have a lot of space for these messages, therefore it is crucial to be concise. Alert users of the value of your message in-conjunction with a solid reason why they should tap the notification to learn more! Put your CTA towards the beginning of the message to ensure users see it immediately.

Remember Browser Differences

Not all browsers handle push notifications the same manner or style. In some cases, your text in your notification will get cut off after 10 words, others maybe 20.