Most of the times, webmasters and website owners are overly focused on bringing in new traffic. Whether it's SEO, SEM, guest posting, paid promotions, etc, people will always try to get fresh new traffic on their websites and pages.

But doesn't anyone feel like something is completely wrong with that?
It feels that way too much energy is spent for new traffic and no attention is being paid to the traffic and visitors that websites already have.

So... I'm going to ask you the obvious question:
As a webmaster / website owner, what do you do about retention and re-engagement?
By focusing on generating new traffic you are completely missing out what you already have. To help prevent that, as a webmaster / website owner you should definitely start using push notifications to re-engage your former website visitors and bring them back to your website whenever you have new content for example.

Why are push notifications the easiest way to generate traffic on your pages?
By using DigitalPUSH, you build and expand your subscribers base. Upon visiting your website some of your users will subscribe to notifications because they found your website and content relevant to them and they want to know whenever you have new content coming up. At this point, as a webmaster, you pretty much have guaranteed traffic for your website.

Why is the traffic guaranteed?
The users that subscribed to your push notifications did so because they took interest in your content, and they want to be notified whenever you have new content, therefor, sending them a push notification is the cheapest ( free actually ) and easiest way to bring them back to your website.

Put simply, DigitalPUSH allows you "generate" free traffic for your website.

Written with passion by
Demetrius Tautu, founder of DigitalPUSH.