What does DigitalPUSH do?

1. DigitalPUSH limits the maximum number of push ads per subscriber per day to 4.

2. DigitalPUSH blocks misleading campaigns and landing pages as well as high risk push ads such as tech support.

3. DigitalPUSH uses collapsing push ads on devices or browsers that are offline.

4. DigitalPUSH pays for subscriptions and revenue share combined

What do others do?

1. Most push ad networks literally spam the subscribers with push ads forcing them to unsubscribe.

2. They allow pretty much any type of misleading and / or intrusive ads and landing pages.

3. They also send tons of push ads on top of eachother with literally zero care for the user experience.

4. They force you to choose between either pay per subscription or revenue share.

Why is our monetization so much better?

1. No push ad spam
By restricting the maximum number of push ads per day to 4, DigitalPUSH manages to maintain the growth of the subscriber base of it's members. We are proud of the network-wide unsubscription rate which is below 5% while most of the other push ad networks revolve around 80%.

Note! While spamming push ads may yield higher revenue in the first day, in the long term, it defeats the scaling capabilities of the push monetization and it leads to revenue that is dependant on new subscriptions.

2. No misleading / intrusive ads
While this may sound normal for us and for you, most push ad networks don't have such filters because they try to make the most of the short period the visitor stays with them before unsubscribing.

3. Collapsing push ads
Unlike any other push ad network, DigitalPUSH has an unique system in place which instead of stacking push ads it collapses them on top of each other. This means that if the push ads are sent to a browser or device that is offline upon coming online, the user will only see 1 push ad instead of being spammed by dozens of ads.

4. Full income from your subscribers
DigitalPUSH rewards for both CPS ( we pay per subscription ) and revenue share ( CPM + CPC + CPA ). We dare you to find someone else that does this.

The conclusion

If you intend to have a healthy growth in terms of revenue, DigitalPUSH is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a quick buck and you don't care about your users' experience, you should really look for a different solution because DigitalPUSH may not provide what you need.


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